Hello my name is Chenxin Han / ˈtʃʌn ˈʃɪn ˈhɑn / 😎

Thank you for checking out my portfolio website.
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Here's more about me :)


I came to the US in the summer of 2015 and started my undergraduate study at the University of Iowa, where I double-majored in Graphic Design and Journalism & Mass Comm.
I found myself extremely enthusiastic about digital product design after taking two web design courses during the last year of my undergraduate education. The courses highlighted the importance of user-friendly and human-centered digital interface design, which inspired me to learn more advanced UX knowledge.
Through a few personal projects, I explored some basic approaches to UI/UX design and kept myself updated on the UX design trend.
In order to gain more real-world experience, I was also working full-time for a website design agency for around 11 months.

From Uiowa to Umich

I am a second-year MSI graduate student (class of 2022) pursuing the UX Research and Design track at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

I care about

I care about the ethical aspects of digital products and I am eager to design products that are accessible for diversified groups of audience.

Design philosophy

My design philosophy can be summarized in three simple words: reflect, replan, and redesign. I think iteration matters a lot for all design projects.

Tech Nerd

Besides school and work, I consider myself a “tech nerd”. I follow tons of tech channels on YouTube, and I personally enjoy collecting various computer and electronic peripherals. I love studying and experiencing the design of different operating systems, which made me a big fan of both the Android and iOS ecosystems, and I also use macOS and Windows OS at the same time.
Photo-shooting is my second hobby, I have a small collection attached below, feel free to check it out.


My photography collection 📷

Lo-fi music is my design mate 🎵

I have a cat called Gloo and I love Cat memes🐱

OW is my favorite game 🎮